I made it to Oxford. I lived in that beautiful city for a year, and only recently came home. After years of dreaming, I finally made it.

It was full of imperfections, of course, like anything real. There were things I didn’t do well, did with the wrong attitude, or did too hurriedly. There were things I stressed over far too much. But ultimately I approached the experience with love and gratitude.

I am proud of my achievements while simultaneously recognizing that I couldn’t have got there without the support of people around me. I am proud of the fact that I achieved high grades for my masters, and even prouder of the fact that I took advantage of so many opportunities, and never stopped exploring excitedly. I didn’t let the disappointments and frustrations dim my love for the place and the experience.

I hope to honour my time at Oxford by attaining the highest levels of achievement over the next few years. And by lending support wherever I can – academic, moral, and financial – to ensure others are able to enjoy this experience too.

View of Christ Church from Christ Church Meadow


About A Book and a Half

I'm a teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. I blog about reading, writing, teaching, learning, and exploring.
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