NYC Midnight

This year I have started entering creative writing competitions. To my utter disbelief, I won the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge.

It was a wonderful competition, and I’m not just saying that because I won! There are three rounds, and in each round you write a story incorporating a specified genre, character, and subject. In the first round, you have a week; in the second round, three days; and in the final round, twenty-four hours.

The tight deadlines were exactly what I needed. I have always loved writing, but as an adult I have just kept putting it off. This competition made me write regardless of how busy I was. Moreover, it forced me to stretch myself to write in genres I wouldn’t normally touch. These were my assignments:

Round 1

Genre: Political Satire

Subject: Guns

Character: A middleman


Round 2

Genre: Thriller

Subject: A water supply

Character: A park ranger


Round 3

Genre: Open

Subject: A sunrise

Character: An undertaker


During the first round, I became so immersed in my story that I wrote it whenever I had a moment: I remember balancing my laptop on my knees while I was on the train. I was thrilled simply to make it to the second round, let alone to place first overall. I will post a link to my final-round story when it goes up on the website.


About A Book and a Half

I'm a teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. I blog about reading, writing, teaching, learning, and exploring.
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4 Responses to NYC Midnight

  1. Vi Waln says:

    Congratulations. I read your winning story. I loved it. It made me cry. Thank you.

  2. madelineshaw says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’ve just read and loved your winning story! Congratulations. What a gentle, finely crafted piece.

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